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Pai Paddhathi Level 2

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Pai Paddhati is a unique way of analysing Nakshatras that reveals a deeper understanding of karma released by planets placed in the Nakshatra. It helps us in discovering ways of balancing karmas, using different areas of life through the signs connected with the Nakshatra lords.

In this course we will be building upon Level 1 Pai Paddhathi concepts of dynamic balance, Gunas etc, and introduce the more advanced Pai Paddhati Level 2 concept of Invisible Influence, and present methodology to understand Nakshatras in depth. We will connect mythological stories with these concepts to give a fresh perspective on Nakshatras, that will enhance ones predictive capacity in using them. We will also look into example charts and learn to apply it to make practical predictions.

This is a live course and will be conducted via Zoom.

Certificate of Level 1 Pai Paddhathi course.

Course Structure:
1. Introduction to Pai Padhhati Level 2 Concept of Invisible Influence
2. Application of Pai Paddhati Level 2 Layer to Reveal Deeper Nakshatra Secrets
3. Illustration with Charts 
4. Questions and Clarifications 

Course Material:
1. A Easy Template to Apply Pai Paddhati on Nakshatras including Level 2 Analytical techniques
2. Karakatawas (Significations) of Grahas (Planets)
3. Basics of Bhavas (Houses)
4. Basics of Nakshatras and Nakshatra Tables
5. Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikona of Grahas (Planets)
6. Detailed Pai Map and Excel Sheet
7. Homework Charts

Purchasing & Delivery

This is a recorded video of the entire course. We will also email you the course materials.