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Basics of Nadi Course


The system of Nadi astrology is based on the Karaktatwas (significations) of planets and looks at placements without using Dasha or divisional charts and commonly without even using the ascendant or Moon. Without the need for the correct birth time, insights can be drawn about the past and future also, just from the Karaktatwas and signs.

This basic course is an introductory course on Nadi astrology to help understand the relationship of the planets when they meet and also when they enter particular signs and the influence they can have on a person. The course also touches upon how to look at past life karmas and how to time events.

Course Structure:

  • Understanding Karaktatwas: In Brighu Nandi, Nadi Karaktatwa plays a key role. It is through this that predictions of any relative of the person can be done.
  • Planets and its causative effect.The planetary effects at a particular time
  • Aspects: Various ways planets aspect each other.
  • Friendly and inimical aspects: The interplay of friendship and enmity between planets.
  • Zodiac signs: The 12 zodiac signs with their general characteristics and the effect if any planet placed in them.
  • Exaltation of planets: Background and reason of exaltation. The reason why even if the planet is exalted it does not give exaltation effects.
  • Debilitation of planets: Background and reason. The reason why even if the planet is debilitated it does not give debilitation effects
  • Yogs and combinations: This system is based on various combinations of planets. the combinations of two planets, three planets etc.
  • Retrogression: How a retro planet is used in Nadi. what are the effects of this retrograde planet.
  • Insights on how to time events: By progression of each planet.
  • Insights on past life: Method of Nadi to find out past life pending Karmas 

Tutor: Shikha Makhija

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