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Personalized Remedies based on D20 and D30 charts
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Personalized Remedies based on D20 and D30 charts


Exploration and remedies on the following elements will be covered:

Remedies according to your D20 chart

Your ‘Spirituality’ chart is your D20 chart. This chart shows you...



Exploration and remedies on the following elements will be covered:

Remedies according to your D20 chart

Your ‘Spirituality’ chart is your D20 chart. This chart shows you how spiritual you are and how to connect with your spiritual self. It determines what spiritual path is more prominent for you and how you can activate it, timings to meditate that will be more prosperous, and good times to go to a temple, meet your Guru or spiritual teachers.

If there are heavily afflicted planets in your chart, i.e. negative rather than positive aspects of the planet, sometimes the only conducive remedy is to honor the two Rishi’s (sage’s) in your chart. One Rishi governs your soul and one your physical self. They are like your personal guides who will hold your hand through even the worst planetary placements, just by praying to them at the right time.

Remedies according to your D30 chart

The D30 chart reveals to you the misfortunes, negative impacts, and the intense experiences you will have to face in life. These can easily be combatted or the impact softened through personalised and specific rituals according to your chart.

Jyotirlinga Mantras and how to use them.

Jyotirlinga in Sanskrit means the pillar of light; it signifies energy vortexes where Lord Shiva is worshipped. There are twelve Jyotirlingam’s in India, each one associated with one of the twelve zodiac signs. By meditating on your personal Jyotrir Lingam based on your birth chart and using its special mantra, you can come closer to understanding the purpose of your soul's creation and connect to the universal energy.

Our personal guiding deities

There are specific deities in your birth chart that can help you through obstacles, deal with financial issues, and or be your personal guides through life:

Ishta Devata
This is your personal preferred deity according to your birth chart. Yes, of course, praying and honoring all deities is good - however, according to your chart there will be a specific deity that will be your “uber” deity - one that will shower you with anything you want and this is your Ishta Devata (Ishta means “desired,” “cherished” or “preferred”; and devata, means “godhead” or “divinity.” It translates as “cherished divinity.”)

Dharma Devata
This is the one who will guide you. This devata in your birth chart will guide you towards your dharma (universal law) and help you attain your goals and aspirations. It guides you towards higher learnings and protects you in the path you follow. 

Palana Devata
Your Palana Devata guides your material security and finances.

Jata Graha - Purpose of your birth.

Jata Graha is a planet that can help us pinpoint the cause of our creation. It can give clues to the reason why we were born - the ultimate purpose of our life.

Badhaka - Overcoming obstacles

Badhaka means obstacles and each ascendant has a Badhaka sign which opposes and obstructs it, as well as a Badhaka planet, which is the ruler of the Badhaka sign. Knowing which sign is influencing you at any given moment allows you to determine the Badhaka influences on your life. 

Each of the sections will be explained in brief followed by an in-depth understanding of how to find these elements in your chart and the remedies specifically for you that you can follow including optimal times to conduct them.

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