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Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals - Ebook (Pre-Order)

Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals - Ebook (Pre-Order)


The Science behind everything grandma did

This book reveals...

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The Science behind everything grandma did

This book reveals the facts and science behind certain ritualistic practices of India.

What may be easy to dismiss as superstitious or baseless traditions, in-depth research presents potent truths and reasoning for their existence.

On one hand, the human mind searches for empirical validation and logic when encountering unknown, unfamiliar practices, yet on the other, it involuntarily guides us to engage by using phrases like ‘touch wood’. What is behind this automatic act of our hand reaching to touch something made from wood to avoid jinxing something positive?

Why is turmeric an important ingredient in holy rituals and an auspicious element used in festivals? For generations in India it’s been an integral spice for cooking food and in the west deemed a ‘superfood’ used to create fancy ‘golden’ lattes. But what’s really so special behind this spice drawer staple?

This book dives deep into these ancient beliefs, traditions and rituals with guidance on how you can apply them in your life, with the knowledge of the science and facts behind them, so as to not defiantly discard or blindly follow them. 

You may find that Grandma really was right after all and get more informed and rational answers to the things she got you to do as a child, that you’re probably still doing out of sheer habit.

Here are just some of the things you can expect to see in the book:

- Don’t cut your hair on certain days of the week.

- Avoid standing/eating/interacting under a doorway.

- Apply turmeric on your face before your wedding ceremony.

- Solving a problem? Just walk it off!

- Touchwood to avoid bad luck.

- Avoid wearing certain colors.

- A black dot drawn on the body will ward off evil eye.

- Travel traditions.

- Declutter your home to declutter your life.

- Menstrual cycle myths.

- Worship your ancestors. 

- Don’t cut your nails on certain days.

- Follow a skin-care routine every night.

- Good and bad directions to sleep in.

- Avoid gifting sharp items, electronics and footwear.

- And so much more…

Secrets of Ancient Indian Rituals is available for pre-sale from today.

Get it today, before it sells out - touch wood.


Expected Date of Release - March 2022

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