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Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra


Yajamana Udyamana Shakti (The Power to “Raise the Evolutionary Level, or Power of Spiritual Fire” to awaken the Spirituality in a Person”)

The “First of the Blessed Feet” or the “Former Lucky Feet”, also referred as a “Feet of a Stool/ Bench”, “The Former Beautiful Left Foot”, or “Ray of Light”, “Beautiful West”

Aja Ekapada or Ajapa (An Ancient Fire Serpent or Dragon, or also the Unborn One Footed Goat/ Unicorn, one Who goes Wherever He Likes To, Aja Ekapada is also the Mount of the Rudra a Fierce Form of Shiva, this One Legged Dark Deity Rules over Secret Societies and Clans and hence Associated with all Types of Black Magic, as per Vedas he is Associated with Floods, Storms, and Lighting)

This is a recording of a course by Dr. Arjun Pai on Purva Bhadrapada and will help you unleash its secrets to understand more about what this means for you and how it can help you in your life.

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