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Personalized Vehicle Compatibility Report based on Nakshatras

Did you know that the vehicle (motorized and non-motorized) you drive/ride has an impact on your life based on your birth chart?

They are an incredible source...
Did you know that the vehicle (motorized and non-motorized) you drive/ride has an impact on your life based on your birth chart?

They are an incredible source of insight if you care to listen. 

Every nakshatra has a “sound” associated with it, there are 108 such sounds - 27 nakshatras x 4 padas each. Every vehicle model is associated with a nakshatra sound and therefore each nakshatra is associated with a certain house in your birth chart. Similarly, every nakshatra and planet is also associated with a particular color. 

Have you ever observed that whenever you change your vehicle, something changes in your life? This is because the vehicle that you own or drive/ride activates certain aspects of your birth chart.

It is wise to avoid forces that work against you and by having the awareness of what these forces are, helps you to make the right choices and fruitful decisions!

How will this report help you?

  • If you own a vehicle, you can use it to see how it is impacting and influencing your life.
  • We suggest very practical and simple remedies that you can act to overcome any unfavorable results.
  • If you are looking to acquire a new vehicle, this report helps determine which brands/colors would suit you based on your birth chart.
Astrological forces drive our lives at the most fundamental levels of our existence. They determine not just the quality of time but also the quality of the space that will be drawn to you in a specific time. Is it possible that the reverse is also true? Can the space that you surround yourself with affect your consciousness that can bring changes into your life? 

The science of Vastu is based on the astrology of spaces. But what about the space of a  vehicle in which we move in on a day to day basis for a considerable amount of time? The cars we drive definitely mark our lives with the corresponding set of events that creates memories throughout our life. Clearly, the appearance of a car in our lives have activated certain planets and nakshatras.
If the space of your car that you enclose yourself while driving be connected to planets and nakshatras in your birth chart,  IS IT POSSIBLE to make an intelligent choice of your car to drive so as to enhance planets within your chart that creates new set of events,  changes and memories to remember for the rest of our lives?

Purchase & Delivery
  • Please enter the details of the person who will be riding the vehicle. If it is not owned by the same person, please enter the birth details of the person who will be owning it in the comments.
  • You may analyze a maximum of 6 brands for a single chart.
  • If there are any brands you would prefer, enter it at the time of order. Once the report is delivered no further analysis will be done for new brands. You may have to order a new report for the new brands.
  • The reports will be prepared only on Tuesdays and Fridays which are auspicious days for vehicles.
  • Orders will be delivered 7-14 days depending upon the arrival of Tuesday and Friday after a weeks time, depending upon the number of orders to be dealt with.

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