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Personalized Transit Report


This written report is about how the current planetary transits affect you based on your own birth chart.

In the current sky, there are major transits like Mars retrograde and Saturn’s transit, which affect us in different ways and this report offers a way to handle them better. Sometimes planetary transits support you when you take risks and sometimes you are required to just stay low - when you are aligned with these transits then life becomes much smoother.

From the report, you will get an indication of what is currently happening in your life and what is around the corner for you. This will enable you to equip yourself with the wisdom and knowledge of how to manage these transits using unique practical remedies and insights.

The report will be determined via a full analysis of your birth chart, current dasha’s and current planetary transits.

Note - This is a personalized report written after analyzing your chart. It is not an auto-generated report. So please give us 10 business days for delivery!

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.

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