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One Question Service


A one-question service, without the need for a full astrological reading

 Do you sometimes just need quick guidance on one burning question? You’ve perhaps tried to let time pass and see if the answer comes to you but it hasn’t yet, or you haven’t had the time to give the answer some proper thought or maybe you just need to resolve some confusion or validate a decision you’ve already made.

The One Question Service by Cosmic Insights enables you to get a personalized answer via email by one of our Vedic astrologers, within 72hrs of submitting your questions along with your birth date and time. They will also provide remedies that you can undertake to help you with the answer they have provided.

Based on the placement of the planets in your chart and following the principles of Vedic Astrology, we will analyze your horoscope which will give us a clear understanding of what is happening in your life currently and give us indications of the best possible future outcomes.

The One Question Service can be used for pending questions such as when is a good day to propose marriage? a good day to travel? Will I get the job I applied for? Should I quit my current job? Or am I due for a promotion? or any other question that you may have based on your chart.

If you are a student of astrology you can also ask a specific question regarding your study.

We do offer other consultations that are more detailed with regards to career and relationship advice and also full birth chart consultation, so if you are looking for something more in-depth you may opt for a full consultation instead.

To get the best out of the service and ensure you have your answer as quickly as possible, it is important to define your question clearly and make sure you aren’t asking more than one question within that question.


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