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Mahadasha Analysis & Remedies by Dr. Santhip

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The Sanskrit term "Dasha" in Hindu astrology is used to indicate planetary periods. The planetary periods indicate when the good or bad effects are produced according to their placement by sign (Rasi), house (Bhava), combinations (Yogas or Raja Yogas) or aspects (Drishti).

Dashas provide a system to judge the effects of the planets throughout a person's life, by indicating how the planets distribute their effects. Each dasha is controlled by one of the nine planets, and the quality and relative benevolence of each period is determined by the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart. There are nine planets or grahas which severally rule the nine dashas: the seven classical planets, plus the north node, Rahu, and south node, Ketu, of the Moon.

This consultation will analyze your Vismshottari Maha Dasha. It will be a detailed consultation that will help you understand how the planets will affect you during this time period. Dr. Santhip will also provide suitable remedies that you can follow to maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative effects.

Note - Dr. Santhip will use the Tribhagi system of analysis (nakshatras)

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.

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