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Nakshatras of All Divisional Charts Report


Unlock the power of nakshatras through your divisional charts!

Nakshatras are the original references in the Vedas. The nakshatras in the divisional charts haven’t been fully used before simply because of the lack of knowledge of nakshatras. Now with Cosmic Insights we are opening up the gift box of awareness through our new Divisional chart nakshatra report.

Learn what nakshatras will be influencing your home, your health, your spiritual purpose, your marraige, your children, your spiritual experiences and other areas of your areas of life with the divisional chart nakshatra report!

Discover the nakshatras involved in the mechanism of your specific areas of your life!

This report provides your birth chart and the following divisional charts with Nakshatras and zodiac degrees! 

Included Charts:

  1. Birth Chart
  2. D1 Rashi
  3. D2 Hora
  4. D3 Drekkana
  5. D4 Chaturthamsha
  6. D7 Saptamamsha
  7. D9 Navamsha
  8. D10 Dashamsha
  9. D12 Dvadashamsha
  10. D16 Shodashamsha
  11. D20 Vimshamsha
  12. D24 Chaturvimshamsha
  13. D27 Saptavimshamsha
  14. D30 Trimshamsha
  15. D40 Khavedamsha
  16. D45 Akshavedamsha
  17. D60 Shashtiamsha

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.

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