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Hanuman - 'Protecting you from Saturn' Tshirt


Even if people do not know anything about Vedic astrology, they know something about “Saturn (Shani)”. Because of the famous 'Sade Sati' (7.5 years of Saturn’s influence on the natal moon). Saturn helps you face your fears, helps you take a giant leap in life, only if you are willing to compromise your comfort zone and be flexible rather than rigid. 

Every planet takes us towards our source, our Self, and the way each of them does this varies. Jupiter for examples, does it by teaching or giving the highest knowledge. Saturn does this by getting you to work hard, be disciplined and face your fears. So the best way to handle Saturn is to recognize and become aware of where Saturn is in your birth chart and work with it to support you, by doing this it has the power to reward you like no other planet!



There is one Superhero deity – who is known to protect people from Saturn. And he is none other than Hanuman.

A popular Story from The Ramanayana
Once upon a time Ravana (the demon king) captured Saturn and held him hostage in the darkest dungeon to prevent bad luck, delays and obstacles in his life. When Hanuman was trying to help the people of Lanka, he met Saturn and eased his pain by releasing him from Ravana. Saturn was so grateful and blessed him and said “those who worship you will never be afflicted by me”. Since then, it is popular belief that when you pray to Hanuman you can avoid the negative effects of Saturn!

What does Hanuman signify?
1. Absolute Faith and Devotion
2. Strength, Courage and Confidence
3. Selfless Service
4. Joyful Surrender
5. Absence of Ego
6. Quick like the wind
7. Unlimited Power

What does afflicted Saturn do to our lives?
1. Confusion, Lack of Trust
2. Fear, cowardice
3. Selfish
4. Responsibility as a burden
5. Forceful loss of ego
6. Slow and Delays
7. Restrictions and Limitations.

When you honour and think of Hanuman with devotion and completely surrender to Him, you imbibe his qualities - those are the exact qualities that can help you with Saturn. 

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says

“If you are on the spiritual path, he (Saturn) can be good for you, he will elevate your life. If you have dispassion, he will help you more. If you are not on the spiritual path, he will create a problem so that you get on the spiritual path.

If you are caught up in the worldly life, he will trouble you so you get out of there and find the bigger wealth inside you.”

The best remedy to Saturn is to first acknowledge that is not a malefic planet. Make friends with your Saturn! Work with him, and he will REWARD you! People who have spiritual practices and who do selfless service are able to transform their Saturn energy to benefit them, and this is not just a statement, it is the fact!


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