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Complete Birth Chart Analysis Using Nakshatras with Dr. Arjun Pai
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Complete Birth Chart Analysis Using Nakshatras with Dr. Arjun Pai

1 session of 60 mins 
Note - This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom)

You have the option to...


1 session of 60 mins 
Note - This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom)

You have the option to record the consultation for future reference. Just let Dr. Pai know that you want to record it before the consultation begins.

Dr. Arjun Pai will take an indepth, 360° look at your life, including identifying your strengths and weaknesses and any blocks that may prevent you from realizing your true potential.

Utilizing Vedic astrology combined with extensive research on Nakshatras*, Dr Pai combines the Complete Birth Chart Analysis consultation with further emphasis on Nakshatras -  how they can help you, which ones are favourable for you, how you can advance on your life path by honoring them and understanding about how else they can positively assist you in life.

An endlesley revealing navigation map of your life, your Birth Chart can reveal important information about who you are, why you are here, what you are going to do while you are here and how.

Each of us is unique and through your chart you can discover exactly how unique and what you can do with this information.

Planet + Sign + House = Interpretation

The Planets, Signs, Houses and Nakshatras in your birth chart all have an effect on different areas of your life including secret desires, enemies, spirituality, travel, pleasure, children, creative pursuits, preferences, desires, ideal career etc.

What will I get from this consultation:

  1. You’ll learn about your strengths, weaknesses and why you are the way you are.
  2. It will unearth you life’s true purpose - why you were born on that day, that hour, that minute.
  3. It will teach you what career path suits you the best.
  4. You’ll understand more about your personality, traits and inner habits.
  5. It can help harmonize relationships and improves them.
  6. You’ll get an idea about the roadmap of your life including good and challenging periods.
  7. You will learn about unique practical remedies to harmonise your planets, Nakshatra energies and your life.
  8. You can ask questions about any area of your life for clarity and advice.

Predominantly, having your full birth chart done puts things in perspective and helps you focus on the bigger picture so you can live the life that is perfect for you.

*Nakshatra’s explained:

‘Nakshatra’ is the original language of the stars with which the ancient sages connected to intangible spirit. They tried to decipher the meaning of life from qualities beyond the zodiac, where the gods and goddesses lived in a world that is free from pain and sorrow.

The Sages felt that if they could understand the language of the stars and work with their cosmic patterns they could truly learn to override the daily turbulence of the human life and mind.

The word ‘nakshatra’ literally means a star. Each nakshatra is a group of several thousand fixed stars comprising 13 ° 20′ of the ecliptic – the number of degrees traveled by the Moon in a 24-hour day.

One Rashi or sign has 2 ¼ nakshatras within it. Breaking it down further, Naksha means ‘to get closer’ and Tra means ‘to preserve’. ‘Nakshatra’ also, therefore, means ‘one that never decays’. The Nakshatras’ cosmic remit is to be the guardians of the soul during its journey through many human lifetimes and bring divine knowledge to earth.

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