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Atma Karaka (Soul Planet) Report


What is your Soul Planet? 

Atma means the soul and karaka means significator. Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul’s desire. According to the Vedic philosophy a soul is reborn because it has unfinished desires that were left unfulfilled in the previous lives and it is born again to get another opportunity to satisfy them. What are these desires? Will they be fulfilled or will you struggle with them? This is revealed by the Atmakaraka planet.

The Atma Karaka Report has the following information

  1. What is your Atma Karaka planet
  2. Significance of your Atma Karaka planet and the life lessons it is asking you to learn in this lifetime.
  3. All the other Karakas (significators) - Which planet signifies your career, your mother, your siblings, your spouse, your difficulties etc.
  4. House and Zodiac information about your Atma Karaka planet
  5. Your Karakamsha (The sign the atma karaka occuplies in your D9 chart)
  6. The planets they are conjunct with, aspecting and receiving aspect from.
  7. Nakshatra information about your Atma Karaka
  8. Jivanmuktamsa - 12th from your Karakamsha Lagna
  9. Your Ishta Devata
  10. The destiny of your career - planet and house 

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.

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