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Astrological Predictions with Krishnamurthi Paddhati


What is Krishnamurthi Paddhati?

Krishnamurthi Paddhati (KP) is a Nakshatra based predictive astrological technique based mainly on the principles of Vedic Astrology. Some aspects of Western Astrology too are also a part of this technique. Formulated by Sri.K.S. Krishnamurthi (1908-1972), these techniques were explained in detail in the magazine Astrology & Athrishta published from 1963 to 1974. Krishnamurthi Paddhati is well known for its simplicity and an emphasis on timing of events

Course Feedback from Batch I

“I have to share just how amazing the Krishnamurthi Paddhati (KP) class was. As a practicing astrologer for well over a decade, to be given a powerful and accurate tool to answer a yes or no question and/or a multiple choice type of question is huge. Often there is not enough confluence in the birth chart or the Prashna chart to be able to answer some questions for clients, even with the plethora of methods available in Jyotish. I have used the KP Methods taught in the course numerous times already. Delighted to have joined this course!  Krishnamurthi Paddhati is an awesome adjunct to Parashara, Jaimini, Nadi, etc.Thank you Cosmic Insights for bringing this great course into the light!

Pamela McDonough, U.S.A., KP Course Batch I

“I can confirm that the course tutor is one of the best teachers I came across till now! He was able to explain the Krishnamurthi Paddhati techniques in a very simple and understandable way.  My great gratitude for his assistance and the amazing course he conducted with a lot of dedication and passion for astrology. It´s suitable also for beginners, but you must have the basic knowledge of Houses, Rasis and Nakshatras”

Monika Mukti, Austria, KP Course Batch I

“I am practicing Krishnamurthi Paddhati with fantastic results!” 

Sigita Bagdoniene, Belgium, KP Course Batch I


Course Prerequisite

A reasonable understanding of Houses (Bhavas), Signs (Rashis) Planets (Grahas) which includes an understanding of House and Planetary significations (Karakattwas)

Course Contents

  • Placidus House division
  • The Star Lord concept
  • Understanding the Sub-Lord
  • The Ruling Planets
  • The division of the Zodiac into 249 parts
  • Important Western Astrology aspects used in KP
  • Predicting with Birth and Horary Charts

Course Material

The course material will consist of a handout with a short explanation every aspect of the course content. It is expected that every participant read this prior to the commencement of the course.

Course Tutor

The tutor of this course, Bharat Ram, learnt Krishnamurthi Paddhati from a direct student of the Late K.S. Krishnamurthi. He also learnt lesser known KP techniques from the original writings of Sri Krishnamurthi published in Astrology & Athrishta and in the KP Readers Volumes I – VI.



The course tutor will be also available, on email, till the 26th October 2017 for participants to clarify concepts pertaining to the course.


Purchasing & Delivery

This is a recorded video of the entire course. We will also email you the course materials

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