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align27 Lifetime Membership + Vedic Rituals & Remedies - E-book (Save $49)

align27 Lifetime Membership

Have you noticed some days everything just flows and other days it's a struggle - no matter how much effort you put in, things just don’t work...


align27 Lifetime Membership

Have you noticed some days everything just flows and other days it's a struggle - no matter how much effort you put in, things just don’t work out? - that’s because, ‘Timing is Everything!’.

align 27 empowers you to manage, maximize and master your own time, so you have the knowledge, and data, to plan what to do and when to do it, to get the best possible results from your actions.

Using advanced technology we decode your birth chart to provide you with hyper-personalized, real-time data giving you life-transforming insights every minute of the day.

Introducing two world-firsts: the cosmic traffic light system to help you determine how ‘favourable’ your day will be, to make daily decisions and plan ahead and a personalized time graph so you can use your 1,440 minutes a day wisely - both using thousands of time-tested ancient astrology techniques and personalized to your birth chart.

See highlights of key moments in your day: ‘Golden’ for power moments, ‘Productive’ for action moments & ‘Silence’ for lay low moments and a personalized Vedic tool kit of rituals and tips so you can sail through the highs and lows of the day.

For astrology enthusiasts you can manage time like a pro and dig deeper into Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak and Panchang to make even more precise and informed timing decisions via the Timing Grid.

The app also includes personalized real-time daily insights, for yesterday, today, tomorrow and predictions based on planetary transits and your birth chart as well as a personality and behavioral profile.


  • Check whether its a Green, Amber or Red day and Personalized rituals for your friends and family
  • 90 day ‘favorable day’ planner
  • New Personalized Rituals and Remedies
  • Hyper-personalized time graph depicting high’s and low’s of the day
  • The auspiciousness of any given moment with highlighted ‘Golden’, ‘Productive’ and ‘Silence’ moments.
  • Look deeper into Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak, Panchang
  • Advanced astrological Timing Grid
  • Generic and personalized daily tips and rituals to align with today's planetary movements
  • Introducing Track Your Mood and Mood Analysis
  • Personalized, real-time daily insights for yesterday, today and tomorrow..
  • Long-term planetary influences based on the transit of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Venus.
  • Free interpretation of your personality and behavioral traits based on the day, hour and minute you were born.
  • Add profiles for your friends and family so you can check their daily insights too.


Vedic Rituals & Remedies - E-book

The most comprehensive book on Vedic Rituals and Remedies available for immediate download.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Vedic Astrology
2. Introduction to Remedies and Rituals
3. Important things to be understood about Remedies
4. Different Types Of Remedies in Astrology
5. Prevention is better than Cure
6. Apps to help you
7. Planets and Remedies
8. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Sun
9. Mantras for Sun
10. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Sun
11. Donation for Sun in Signs
12. Temples for Sun in Signs
13. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Moon
14. Mantras for Moon
15. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Moon
16. Donation for Moon in Signs
17. Temples for Moon in Signs
18. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Mars
19. Mantras for Mars
20. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Mars
21. Donation for Mars in Signs
22. Temples for Mars in Signs
23. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Mercury
24. Mantras for Mercury
25. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Mercury
26. Donation for Mercury in Signs
27. Temples for Mercury in Signs
28. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Jupiter
29. Mantras for Jupiter
30. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Jupiter
31. Donation for Jupiter in Signs
32. Temples for Jupiter in Signs
33. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Venus
34. Mantras for Venus
35. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Venus
36. Donation for Venus in Signs
37. Temples for Venus in Signs
38. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Saturn
39. Mantras for Saturn
40. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Saturn
41. Donation for Saturn in Signs
42. Temples for Saturn in Signs
43. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Rahu
44. Mantras for Rahu
45. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Rahu
46. Donation for Rahu in Signs
47. Temples for Rahu in Signs
48. Vedic Rituals and Remedies for The Ketu
49. Mantras for Ketu
50. Key Rituals and Remedies For The Ketu
51. Donation for Ketu in Signs
52. Temples for Ketu in Signs
53. Nakshatra Remedies and Rituals
54. Ashwini Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
55. Bharani Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
56. Krittika Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
57. Rohini Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
58. Mrigashira Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
59. Ardra Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
60. Punarvasu Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
61. Pushya Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
62. Ashlesha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
63. Magha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
64. Purva Phalguni Nakshtra Rituals and Remedies
65. Uttara Phaluguni Nashatra Rituals and Remedies
66. Hasta Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
67. Chitra Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
68. Swati Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
69. Vishaka Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
70. Anuradha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
71. Jyeshtha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
72. Mula Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
73. Purvashada Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
74. Uttara Ashada Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
75. Shravana Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
76. Dhanishtha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
77. Shatabhisha Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
78. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
79. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
80. Revati Nakshatra Rituals and Remedies
81. Soundarya Lahiri - Powerful Remedy
82. Sun Sankranti Ritual
83. The importance of Tithi Pravesha - The Real Vedic Birthday
84. Rituals to get rid of debts
85. The 15 Day Magical Ritual
86. Rituals based on Moon’s transit
87. Goddesses to be worshiped based on Moon’s Zodiac Sign
88. Rituals based on Tithis
89. Tithi Nitya Devis
90. Dvipushkar and TriPushkar Yogas
91. Lamp Lighting Rituals
92. Eclipse Rituals
93. Simple and Practical Remedies For Sun and Moon Gandanta Transit
94. Saturn Fasting
95. Shani trayodashi rituals
96. Rituals for your Atma Karaka Planet
97. Dasha/Antar Dasha Remedies
98. Ramayana chapter based on Dasha Bhukti
99. Rituals for Safe Pregnancy
100. Rituals for Job Satisfaction
101. Rahu Rituals
102. Kala Sarpa Yoga Remedies
103. Karma Yoga - Selfless Service - Seva - Undoubtedly The Best Astrological Remedy
104. Bhasma (Sacred Ash) as planetary remedies
105. Appendix
106. Pranayama
107. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
108. Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)
109. Drinking The Healing Light of the Moon - Full Moon Ritual
110. Drinking The Energizing Light of the Sun
111. Moonbathing (Full Moon Ritual)
112. How to perform Tarpanam?
113. Nakshatra Ganesha and Mantras
114. Vishnu Sahasranamam Shloka Based on Nakshatra Pada
115. Nakshatra Mantras
116. Nakshatra Animals
117. Planets Beeja Mantra
118. Simple Planet Mantras
119. Planet Gayatri Mantras
120. 108 Mantras of Sun
121. 108 Mantras of Moon
122. 108 Mantras of Mars
123. 108 Mantras of Mercury
124. 108 Mantras of Jupiter
125. 108 Mantras of Venus
126. 108 Mantras of Saturn
127. 108 Mantras of Rahu
128. 108 Mantras of Ketu
129. Jyotirlingas Based on Zodiac Signs

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