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3 in 1 - 2024 Astrology Reports Bundle

3 in 1 - 2024 Astrology Reports Bundle

💰Mega Savings: Get all three reports in our bundle for just $49 ($75 if purchased individually).

This bundle combines three reports, each tailored to provide you with...

$75.00 $49.00

💰Mega Savings: Get all three reports in our bundle for just $49 ($75 if purchased individually).

This bundle combines three reports, each tailored to provide you with insights and guidance for a transformative 2024.

🌟 What's Included:

1. 2024 Horoscope Report: Delve into the depths of your personalized 2024 horoscope, complete with monthly predictions and eclipse insights. Gain clarity on success, love, health, and wealth.

2. Digital Astrology Calendar: Stay in sync with the stars throughout the year with this digital astrology calendar. Import crucial astrological events, including eclipses, nakshatra transits, and more, into your own calendar.

  • Rahu Kalam: Discover the inauspicious time of the day when you should exercise caution.
  • Amavasya: Stay attuned to the New Moon phases, signaling new beginnings and fresh starts.
  • Purnima (Full Moon): Embrace the energy of the Full Moon, ideal for manifestation and completion.
  • The Moon’s Nakshatra Transit: Track the Moon's journey through the lunar mansions, offering insights into daily influences.
  • Panchang: Access comprehensive Hindu calendar details, including tithi (lunar day), vara (weekday), nakshatra (lunar mansion), and more.
  • Tri Pushkar and Dvi Pushkar Yogas: Uncover auspicious yoga combinations, indicating favorable moments for important actions.
  • Ekadashi: Observe the sacred fasts on the 11th day of each lunar phase, known for spiritual significance.
  • Pradosham: Identify the sacred days known as "Pradosham" in the lunar calendar. These days occur twice a month during the waxing and waning phases of the moon. Pradosham is a time when the energy of Lord Shiva is believed to be especially potent, making it auspicious for meditation, prayer, and spiritual observances.
  • Special Events (Vasant Panchami, Navratri, etc): Stay informed about significant festivals and celebrations, so you can participate and immerse yourself in cultural and spiritual traditions.
  • Gandanta Transits: Be aware of critical transitions in the lunar calendar, signaling moments of transformation.
  • Nakshatra Transit of All Planets: Stay informed about significant moments when planets change their positions within the lunar constellations (nakshatras). These transitions hold unique astrological significance, and knowing when they occur can offer insights into how planetary movements may influence your life's events and decisions.
  • Eclipses: Stay informed about the crucial dates when solar and lunar eclipses occur throughout the year.

3. Important Days of 2024: This report offers a treasure trove of insights, including:

  • Transit Planets Conjoined Natal Planets: Stay informed about the dates when transit planets align with your natal planets. These dates provide valuable timing information, allowing you to track celestial alignments in your birth chart.
  • Days of Abundance and Prosperity: Discover auspicious days based on Navatara and Nadi Nakshatras.
  • Dasha, Antar Dasha, and Paryantar Dasha Changes: Stay updated on the significant moments when changes occur in your Dasha, Antar Dasha, and Paryantar Dasha periods. These transitions mark major shifts in your life's path.
  • Remedies for Weak Planets: Learn important days to perform remedies for planets in your birth chart.
  • Powerful Days for Auspicious Events: Discover auspicious days for significant life events, aligned with your birth chart. These dates hold unique astrological significance, offering you insights into opportune moments for important milestones and decisions.
  • Days to Be Cautious: Understand when to exercise caution in your decisions.
  • Fasting Days: Discover days that are ideal for fasting based on your birth chart.
  • Days for Charitable Acts: Find opportunities to make meaningful donations.
  • Powerful Days to Pay Off Debts: Identify favorable days within the lunar calendar that are conducive to settling financial debts and obligations.


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