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Learn Pai Paddhati - Private tutoring with Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan


Pai paddhathi  one-on-one with Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan

A one-on-one interactive course to study the basic concepts of Nakshatras using the Pai Paddhathi is being offered  with Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan, the creator of the Pai map. 

Learn about all layers of the Pai paddhathi in depth in a single day to uncover secrets of nakshatras never revealed before. 

Course Duration: 5 hours 
Course Level: Beginners to Advanced
Medium of Instruction: English
Online Webinar Medium: Zoom Video Conferencing
Teacher: Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan

Pre-requisitve for Level 1:

1. Basic Understanding of Bhavas (Houses), Grahas (Planets) and Rashis (Signs)
2. Basic Understanding of Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions)

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Pai Padhhati Concepts
  • Application of Pai Paddhati to Nakshatras 
  • Illustration with Charts 
  • Questions and Clarifications 
Pai paddhathi concepts that will be taught
  • Trimurti corresponding to each nakshatra
  • Gunas of each nakshatra
  • Soul Cycles  & Rashi Pada 
  • Dynamic Balance between houses
  • Invisible influence of planets
  • Navamsa interpretations
  • Rashi lord Pai map interpretation
  • Planetary Pai map interpretation

Course Material:

  • An Easy Template to Apply all levels of Pai Paddhati on Nakshatras
  • Karakatawas (Significations) of Grahas (Planets)
  • Basics of Bhavas (Houses)
  • Basics of Nakshatras and Nakshatra Tables
  • Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikona of Grahas (Planets)
  • Detailed Pai Map and Excel Sheet
  • Homework Charts    
  • Lecture materials after the lecture

Purchasing & Delivery

Upon Purchase, we will email you the course materials. Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan will then contact you to schedule an appointment. 


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