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Krittika Nakshatra


Krittika Nakshatra burns up negativity, purifies what is mixed, and cooks or prepares that which is not yet ripe. Agni is mainly the God of the sacred fire, so purification is perhaps the dominant action, not destruction, though purification does involve the destruction of impurity. Agni is also the fire that cooks our food and so there is a nourishing side to its effects as well. This fire has a childlike nature.

Agni (God of Fire), Lord Muruga/Skanda/Karthikeya (the Commander of the Celestial Godly Forces, Nurtured by the Foster Mothers Krittikas), Agni is also called as the God with Seven Tongues and He Signifies Knowledge. He also rules over the Direction South East

This is a recording of a course by Dr. Arjun Pai on Krittika and will help you unleash its secrets to understand more about what this means for you and how it can help you in your life.
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