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Basics of Nakshatras Course + Astronomy for Astrologers Course (Save $99)

Basics of Nakshatras Course + Astronomy for Astrologers Course (Save $99)

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Basics of Nakshatras...

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You can make payments in Installment.
In the Checkout page click “Partial.ly
Down Payment - $69.80
Pay $93.07 every month for 3 months.


Basics of Nakshatras Course

The study of Nakshatras is one of the most fundamental pillars of Vedic astrology. Nakshatra comes from the Sanskrit words meaning “indestructible” (Na - Not, Kshatra - destructible). It can also be translated as map of the sky that protects us (Naksha - map of the sky, Tra - protection). Understanding nakshatras can help us in realizing our true destiny that is held within our stars.  

The Basic nakshatra course is an Introductory course on Nakshatras targeted at beginner level students of Jyotish who are looking to know more about nakshatras. We will be teaching you about all the 27 nakshatras in the zodiac along with the intercalary Abhijit nakshatra. 

Tutor: Dr Arjun Pai
Co-tutor: Dr Kanholy Santhip Krishnan

Course Structure

  • Connect with the essence of each nakshatras by understanding the deity associated with it.
  • Learn about themes and stories that can be connected with each nakshatra 
  • Study about the elements of each nakshatras.
  • Understand different aspects of the nakshatras such as the animal, varna etc associated with it.
  • Learn about varied manifestations of nakshatras at different levels through its themes.
  • Study with example charts to learn how the nakshatra energies are playing out in your birth chart.
  • Course Outline

Course Materials

  • Pdf of the power point presentation of every lecture
  • Recordings of every class.
  • Homework practices to help integrate the concepts with feedback from the instructors.
  • Comprehensive pre-read on every nakshatra.
  • Key words for each nakshatra and nakshatra deity.

Astronomy for Astrologers Course

It is said “as above so below” and as a testimony to that statement in past few months we have witnessed the impacts of celestial events occurring in the sky (for instance Aug 2017 solar eclipse). This shows that the entire universe is dynamic and full of life. But our limited human intellect finds it difficult to grasp abstract qualities of planets, nakshatras, rasis and other subtle elements of nature. However, astronomy provides us a great opportunity to physically view these divine celestial stars, constellation and planets. At the zeroth level experiencing their energies through our sensory organs one can interpret their qualities to a certain extent. It is as if these subtle energies have taken a particular gross form. The study of astronomy makes the process easy and simple to understand key concepts of astrology.

*Here in this course we provide you an opportunity in learning astronomy concepts, which will prove useful in mastering the subject of astrology


Directions, Coordinate systems (Ecliptic and Equatorial), Ayanas, Sun's motion, Abhijit muhurta

Planets in astrology, Planetary speeds, Nakshatras and Rasi, Ecliptic nakshatras and rasis, Tithis

Horoscope chart, Bhavas, Directions in horoscope, Predicting degree of sun and house from date and time, Moon phases- tithi

Eclipse, Rahu/Ketu, Mean and true nodes, Bhrigu Bindu point, 
Saros cycle, Nodal cycle, 

Retrograde planets, Conjunction, opposition, Asta, 
Inner (Mercury and Venus) and outer planets-  calculating max distance of inner planets from sun
Retrogression and conjunction for inner planets- Astrological connection
Future research projects

Fixed stars for nakshatras, sun transit dates for fixed stars
Planetary exaltation
Fixed stars- body parts

Planetary colors, Estimating Rahukaal, Yamagandkaal, Gulika for your location

Precession of earth axis, Tropical/sidereal, Calculating epochs
Nakshatra shapes and using their energy

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