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Vedic Life Coaching & Remedies with Dr. Arjun Pai


Vedic Life Coaching with Dr. Arjun Pai

2 sessions of 60 mins each 
Note - This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom)

Live the life that is perfect for you

Dr Pai will examine what is going on in your chart, discover any obstacles or challenges that may be obstructing you from reaching your goals and provide you with guidance and tools to help manifest the life you desire.

Vedic Life Coaching is a holistic approach to managing your life better. The focus will be on you and what you want to get out of your life, to find the clarity you need to help find your purpose - taking systematic steps to achieve your goals, be it related to wellness, career, finance, relationships or personal growth.

You will receive inspiration, motivation and guidance in the form of remedies, personal daily practices and personalized suggestions for your life, including Dr Pai's secret knowledge on nakshatras, hora and Panchang! 

Transform your life, become more centred, find balance and focus better on the things that support your goals.

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