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Cosmic Insights & align27 Lifetime App Combo

Cosmic Insights & align27 Lifetime App Combo

Lifetime Membership to the Cosmic Insights app - Gold Pack, Silver Plus and Silver Pack 

Gold Pack

  • Additional Divisional Chart    
  • Advanced Birth Panchang  ...
$828.99 $629.00

Lifetime Membership to the Cosmic Insights app - Gold Pack, Silver Plus and Silver Pack 

Gold Pack

  • Additional Divisional Chart    
  • Advanced Birth Panchang    
  • Amsha and Tithi Table    
  • Amshas    
  • Argala    
  • Arudha of Divisional Charts    
  • Ascendant Dates    
  • Ashtakavarga (Sarvashtakavarga)    
  • Aspecting Planet List    
  • Astronomical data    
  • Avasthas    
  • Bava Madhya    
  • Bhava Bala    
  • Body Parts Table    
  • Chandra Arudhas    
  • Chandra Kriya, Chandra Avastha and Chandra Vela    
  • Chart Explanations    
  • Custom Vimshottari Dasha    
  • Dasha Sandhi - Antar Dasha Sandhi    
  • Debilitation and Neecha Bhanga    
  • Deities of Divisional Charts    
  • Destiny Point    
  • Devata of Planets    
  • Digbala    
  • Dinam / Tarabal for All Grahas    
  • Distance from Mrtyu Bhaga Degree    
  • Divisional chart transits    
  • Doshas & Remedies    
  • Eclipses    
  • Ephemeris    
  • Find The Planets On Your Fingers    
  • Gandanta dates for all planets    
  • Graha Arudhas    
  • Jagannath Drekkana    
  • Kalachakra    
  • Karmas in chakras    
  • Kota chakra    
  • KP Astrology    
  • Lord Of the Year    
  • Mantras for Planets based on Birth Chart    
  • Marana Karaka Sthana    
  • Moon Phase Calendar    
  • Multiple Levels of Mahadasha    
  • Nakshatra Aspects and Latta    
  • Nakshatra Explorer    
  • Nakshatra Pravesha    
  • Nakshatra Remedies    
  • Panchaka Rahita    
  • Parivartana Yoga    
  • Planetary Conjunctions    
  • Planetary Friendships    
  • Planetary Speeds    
  • Planetary War    
  • Planets in Divisional Charts    
  • Planets Stickers    
  • Privitriya Drekkana    
  • Rahu ketu analysis    
  • Rectification Systems    
  • Retrograde Planet Dates    
  • Save Charts    
  • Sensitive Points    
  • Shadbala    
  • Shadbala Table    
  • Shoola Chakra    
  • Shortcuts    
  • Sign Ingress Report    
  • Somnath Drekkana    
  • Spirituality    
  • Sudarshan Chakra    
  • Super Impose Charts    
  • Surya Arudhas    
  • Tithi of Grahas    
  • Tithi Pravesh Chart    
  • Today at a glance    
  • Trimsamsa (D30) Remedies     
  • Upcoming Nakshatra transits    
  • Upcoming Planetary Combustion    
  • Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas    
  • Vargottama    
  • Varnada Details    
  • Vedic Vastu    
  • Widgets    
  • Yogas    
  • Yogatara transits

Silver Plus Pack

  • Aprakash Grahas    
  • Badhaka Planets    
  • Bhava Chalit    
  • Chara Dasha    
  • Filter Profiles by Jaimini Karaka    
  • Mudda Dasha    
  • Patyayini Dasha    
  • Solar Return Chart (Varshphal)    
  • Upa Grahas    
  • Vargottama

Silver Pack

  • Adjust Time    
  • Arabic Parts    
  • Atmakaraka (Soul Planet)    
  • Calculation Settings    
  • House Cusp    
  • Jaimini Karakas    
  • Mrtyu bhaga    
  • Nakshatra Analysis    
  • Nakshatras of all divisional charts    
  • Tarabala and chandrabala    
  • Transit Charts    
  • Vishnu sahasranama stotram based on chart   

      Lifetime Membership to the align27 app

      Have you noticed some days everything just flows and other days it's a struggle - no matter how much effort you put in, things just don’t work out? - that’s because, ‘Timing is Everything!’.

      align 27 empowers you to manage, maximize and master your own time, so you have the knowledge, and data, to plan what to do and when to do it, to get the best possible results from your actions.

      Using advanced technology we decode your birth chart to provide you with hyper-personalized, real-time data giving you life-transforming insights every minute of the day.

      Introducing two world-firsts: the cosmic traffic light system to help you determine how ‘favourable’ your day will be, to make daily decisions and plan ahead and a personalized time graph so you can use your 1,440 minutes a day wisely - both using thousands of time-tested ancient astrology techniques and personalized to your birth chart.

      See highlights of key moments in your day: ‘Golden’ for power moments, ‘Productive’ for action moments & ‘Silence’ for lay low moments and a personalized Vedic tool kit of rituals and tips so you can sail through the highs and lows of the day.

      For astrology enthusiasts you can manage time like a pro and dig deeper into Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak and Panchang to make even more precise and informed timing decisions via the Timing Grid.

      The app also includes personalized real-time daily insights, for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and predictions based on planetary transits and your birth chart as well as a personality and behavioral profile.


      • Is Your Day Green, Amber or Red?: A world-first traffic light system to tell you how ‘rocking’, ‘mediocre’, or ‘so so’ your day will be.
      • The Cosmic Weather: Another world-first; your own day in a Timeline Graph showing the high’s to fly and the lows to doze.
      • Moments: Timing is everything - ‘Golden’ for power moments, ‘Productive’ for action, and ‘Silence’ for lay low - moments guide you to plan your day better.
      • Planner: An ultimate personalized 90-day calendar mapping out all the above features for the months ahead.
      • Rituals: A Vedic toolkit of personalized rituals and tips, equipping you to deal with any moment.
      • Profiles: Add profiles for your friends and family so you can check their data too.
      • Personality Profiles: Find out what your friends and family are really like.
      • Manage time like a pro: We’ve got you pro enthusiasts covered with Advanced Rituals and Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak, and Ascendant shown on a real-time grid.
      • Transits: Long-term planetary influences based on the transit of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu.
      • Daily Horoscope: Daily insights based on planetary transits and your birth chart.
      • Discover: Dive into Astro news, tips, and how-to’s.

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